Zero Waste

ZERO WASTE by seya. <Ron Herman Exclusive>
ZERO WASTEの型紙は通常服を作るのに30-40%の生地が捨てられるのに比べて、
ZERO WASTE の製品は生地の廃棄をゼロに近づけるためのパターンを研究しているパリのEXERCISE 0というオフィスを立ち上げた20代の若者と作りました。
ZERO WASTE の型紙を使うとシャツで1,6%、 パンツで1%が残布です。
ZERO WASTE PROJECTでは使う生地の量をZEROに近づけているので150着の服を作ると、通常のパターンで作る服に比べて200KGのCO2が軽減されます。
The pattern was meant to be made minimum fabric waste about 0-2 %
as opposed to the waste about 30-40% in the general clothing making process.
We tried to reuse these 30-40% fabric but in recent conditions at the factory
it is very difficult as there is no space and time to keep the fabric.
We collaborated with EXERCISE 0,
where they practice making patterns to reduce fabric near zero.
By using the ZERO WASTE pattern,
remaining cloth was 1.6% for the Shirt and 1 % for the Pants
Therefore, we saved 12% of the fabric for the Shirt and  18.4% for the Pants.
We used the remaining cloth to make a clothing tag.
Our tag shape varies between shirt and pants
because the amount of waste was different
It also leads to reducing CO2
due to the discharge of manufacture and transportation.
If we make 150 items, we can reduce 200kg of CO2 compared to the normal pattern.
We will continue to make an effort for a better environment.