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Perfume #61

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Seya’s first scent #61 brings you back to the times when perfumes were mysterious and much more precious than nowadays. This intense perfume lasts all day on your skin.

It reminds you of very precious incense minerals which come neither from the east nor from the west but somewhere very far where nobody knows. Precisely mixed natural ingredients such as incense, tabac, iris, cedar wood, pepper, vetiver and sandal wood remove the negative energy and evil spirits around you.

As a ritual, you need to open the wax-sealed medicine bottle, like you open a precious wine bottle. Once it’s open, you may use the glass stopper. It can be applied gracefully with the stopper for your elegant dignity and impressive delicacy.

Welcome aboard to the voyage, to a very wild yet sophisticated one. 

Eau de parfum
Size: 50ml
Made in France