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Amami Island Vegetable-dyed Wool Throw Blanket

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Amami is a small island between mainland Japan and Okinawa, known for silk fabric used for Kimono and natural dyeing technique. Its history is older than 1500 years. Natural dyes are derived from plants, invertebrates or minerals. Not to mention about its environmental impact, natural dye improves the strength of the fabric and it prevents from harmful insects damage.
Seya. sends recycled wool blankets to one of the historical dyeing ateliers that still remains even after the decrease in silk fabrication of Amami island. The throw blanket is made with the finest, softest wool. It can be used as an accent to decorate any kind of space.

100% wool dyed with natural mud and indigo

Color: Indigo
Size: 160cm x 112cm
Weight: 0.6kg
Composition: 100% Wool
Made in Japan